Computer Science & Engineering


To develop innovative and technically competent Computer Software & Engineers.


  1. To develop employability and entrepreneurship skills.
  2. To upgrade the existing Infrastructure and Human Resources to keep pace with the emerging technologies.
  3. To provide quality education with innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities, team-spirit, and ethical values.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department was started in the year 2017. It offers three year diploma in Computer Science and Engineering . This Programme imparts skills to students required for working in computer software and hardware industry.
The department is well-equipped with smart classrooms, laboratories, along with regular teaching learning process, students also get exposure through industrial visits, expert lectures, workshops, participation in various competitions and exhibitions. Career counseling and personality grooming sessions are organized for students on regular basis. After completing the programme, the students have following career opportunities –

  1. They have ample opportunity to work with IT industries. And this will boost up more as Indore near to Dewas, establishing as a new IT industries hub for the country.
  2. They may start their own work with the support of available start-up facilities.
  3. They may take admission directly in second year of Bachelor in Engineering courses of Computer Science and Engineering, Information technology and any other branches related to Computers or software Engineering through Lateral Entry Scheme of M.P. Government.

The diploma holder of the program will:

PEO_1 Have a successful career in IT industries as well as Government sector under the flags of information and communication technologies.
PEO_2 Hold leading positions in the industries and also take entrepreneurial steps in providing innovative solutions.
PEO_3 Acquire a knowledge base on which can be build up through further studies, professional involvement and lifelong learning.
PEO_4 Act conscientiously in dealing with challenges and discharging responsibilities in computing profession in the context of science, technology, society and humanity.

At the end of the Programme, a diploma holder will be able to:

PO_1: Basic knowledge: Apply fundamental knowledge of computing, mathematics, science and engineering appropriate to the discipline.
PO_2: Discipline knowledge: Apply Computer Science and Engineering knowledge to analyze a problem, identify and formulate the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
PO_3: Experiments and practice: An ability to formulate models, design and conduct experiments using advance Simulators and development Tools, as well as to analyze and interpret data. Like public health, environmental safety, human resource management, economical sustainability, cross - cultural and societal needs.
PO_4: Engineering tools: An ability to use current techniques, skills, and modern tools necessary to design, implement, and evaluate a computer - based system, process, component, or program for various applications
PO_5: The Engineer and Society: Assess societal, health, safety, legal & economical sustainability issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to practice in field of Computer Science and Engineering.
PO_6: Environment and Sustainability: Ability to apply Computer Science and Engineering solutions also for sustainable development practices in societal and environmental contexts.
PO_7: Ethics: Ability to apply ethical principles for commitment to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of the practice also in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
PO_8: Individual and Surrounding: An ability to analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.
PO_9: Communication: Development of emphatic written and verbal communication skills.
PO_10: Life-long learning: Engage in independent and life-long learning activities in the context of technological changes also in the Computer Science and Engineering and allied industry.
PO_11: Project Management and Finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of engineering management principles and apply the same to one’s own work as a member and leader in a team, and to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.
PSO_1: Ability to understand the principles and working of computer systems. Students can manage the databases, web services, computer networks, operating systems, computer hardware.
PSO_2: Ability to understand the structure and development methodologies of software systems. Possess professional skills and knowledge of software design process. Familiarity and practical competence with a broad range of programming language and open source platforms.
PSO_3: Prepare comprehensive project reports in multidisciplinary environment in the context of changing technologies.
  • It is a full time 3year Regular programme
  • Duration of the programme is Three years (six semesters).
  • Intake capacity is 54 seats.
  • Candidate should be M.P. domicile.
  • Eligibility is 10th exam ( Compulsorily with Maths and Science) pass-out or equivalent.
  • In 2021-22 session admissions will be conducted only on 10 th (qualifying exam) basis .
  • Admission through Centralized Online Counseling organized by DTEMP / at College Level.
  • Reservation of seats as per M.P. Govt. Rules.
1 Programming Lab 1 & Internet and Web Tech Lab Intel I5 Computers (20) ,Printer Java, Visual studio, turbo c,
2 Programming Lab 2 & Internet and Web Tech Lab Intel I5 Computers (10) , Linux, XAMPP Server
  • Head of the Department : Mr. Suraj Pathak
  • Phone : 8887701655
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Government Polytechnic College, Rajoda, Dewas (M.P)-455001
  • Email :